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Fuck yo sleep! Fuck yo sleep! Are you all cozy and comfy under the sheets ready to go nitey nite? FUCK THAT! Wake up, biiiitttch! This is the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos! Ain’t no time to be sleepin on this! Jump outta bed and head on down to the Kapow Club, cuz it’s about to get LIVE! Shaggy 2 Dope and Str8jaket proudly present the Juggalo Pajama Jammy Big Ass Bubble Blowout Jam! Slap on your favorite onesie, pajama bottoms, night caps, and fuzzy slippers for this late-night celebration of comfy PJs, dope music, and crazy bubbles! With music spun by DJ Shaggy 2 Dope and ICP’s fearless, furious super-producer Str8jaket—get ready for a night of dope prizes, ridiculous pajamas, and so much more as Psychopathic Records presents to you the craziest Juggalo Pajama Party you’ve ever seen! It’s about to jump off in the dead of night and the party don’t stop until the last bubble pops. It’s Shaggy 2 Dope’s Juggalo Pajama Jammy Jam: Bubble Bash Edition!


Back by popular demand! The very first party of the 20th Annual Gathering is here to start things off with a bang! Throw on your shades, bandanas, and checkered flannels, hop in the lowrider, and get ready to cruise with your homies Rude Boy, DJ Carlito, AT Huck, Manny Fresh, and the Psychopathic Soldiers Street Team as you gear up to Gather and fill up a plate to the sound of super triple O.G. old-school lowrider neighborhood jams inspired by the epic CRB Radio show (! What better way to get lit then at this festive BBQ, featuring the Psy Soldiers Street Team homies serving up FREE, complimentary BBQ straight off the grill to the fam, while your hosts with the most take your special requests. This is a party inspired by classic radio greats such as Art Laboe and Electrifying Mojo, featuring DJ Carlito’s mix of classic Chicano soul, funk, hip hop, and of course your favorite ICP jams from the early days. What better way to kick off the 20th Annual Gathering than Cruisin’ the Barrio with your homies! So grab a plate, set your seat way back, and get ready to cruise…


Hosted by Ouija, Lyte, Big Hoodoo, and the JYC

Step out of the ocean of Juggalos and into the Kapow Club for the Juggalo Yacht Club Wine Mixer: “Weekend at Yachties” party! Have a blast, meet mad ninjas, and mingle with all your Yacht Club Juggalo homies—dead or alive! It’s Weekend at Yachties! We’re servin’ up the dopest entertainment and contests: Win yourself a trophy during the Faygo chugging contest. Or try the “How low can you Juggalo” limbo contest! And also on board, on deck, and in full effect, catch Psychopathic’s own Ouija, Hoodoo, and Lyte—plus other special surprise guest artists! As always, the drinks are on us, and we plan on leaving bodies on the beach like a 1989 comedy flick! But wait, there’s more! Hungry Juggalos—we didn’t forget about you! No beach party is complete without a free BBQ, served up by the JYC. So get ready to get Yachty at this year’s JYC Wine Mixer! Pinkies up!


Juggalos—This is IT! The Legendary! Notorious! Infamous! The ultimate grand finale party of the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is back in full fuckin’ effect! Prepare for the biggest bash of the Gathering, here to bring the festivities to an ultimate climax with so many special guest artists straight from the Soopa Stage! So much bass, so full of chaos, and so full of the sounds that pound. It’s without question the best way, the only way, to bring this historic 20th annual GOTJ to its climatic conclusion…with a resounding bass driven BOOM! Join your host, homie, and Son of Southwest Rude Boy as he teams up once again with the King of the Old School DJ Carlito to bring the earth-shaking noise like one else. They are the ultimate entertainers, joined on stage with some very special guests to celebrate GOTJ 20! And no doubt, as the final Soopa party of the Soopa Gathering, you know special surprises are about to be hittin’ the stage. It’s the last night of Soopa Gathering, and we goin out bringin’ the noise! The Legendary OG Juggalo Jam Returns!


The Reno Rydaz are celebrating the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos with the biggest and craziest bash the Juggalo World has ever seen! Are you thirsty? Well…guess what? Not no more! Open wide, sip it down, and get live with your hosts, one of the sickest Juggalo crews on the planet—the one and only Reno Rydaz! The Reno Rydaz are extra hype to be celebrating not only the 20th Gathering but also the 17th anniversary of the Reno Rydaz crew, so you know they are pulling out all the stops and throwing down for this dope party at the Kapow Club! Get ready for free drinks, free prizes, dope music, and so much more! With Fowlarama tournaments and free play running all night long. Prepare to be devastated and maybe three sheets to the wind and wasted by the time all is said and done! No Mercy! No Thirsty!

(we will update this page as future guests are announced!)



Rising up from the toxic waste and fumes of billowing smoke stacks, join Psychopathic legends Zug Izland as they play their epic Cracked Tiles album LIVE in its entirety, front to back! Whaaaaaaaaaat? Holy shiiiiit! Originally released in 2003 and standing the test of time as one of the most innovative and devastating albums to ever be released on Psychopathic Records, join Zug as they take you on a journey through muck and toxic ooze, with Juggalo classics like Fire, Sunny Day, Prison Song, Suicide, Always, Cry, and ALL your favorites. Zuggalos Unite! Zug Izland proudly presents to you…Cracked Tiles!


It’s the Wicked Clowns unplugged! Join Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope for a night of super dope storytelling and music, joined by their homies Razor Ray, the Rude Boy, DJ Carlito, and more! In a rare, late-night acoustic performance blessed by the magic of the Carnival, get ready to be down with the clown in an all new light–you ain’t never heard no dope shit like this before, Juggalos! Get ready to get schooled by the musical stylings of I C muthafuckin P unplugged–strums and drums!




The spirits of our Ancestors are called to the sacred grounds of Shimmer Forest, lending their energies to empower the living, lyrical embodiment of The Warrior Soul. His booming voice and supernatural cadence compel you to move amongst an ocean of Juggalo Homies, splitting and mixing together in a kinetic mass as though under the influence of a shaman’s spell. The Shapeshifting abilities of this MC have allowed him to transcend his mortal restraints and move freely through the Hallowed Halls of Hatchet History. Now the time has come for The War Chief to emerge once again, rattling the earth with wardrum sounds of Native Funk and testing the worthiness of all who claim Warrior in his presence with a microphone in his hand and a medicine bag at his hip.


Ancient scripts written from an order of dark voodoo tribes foretell of an entity that will come upon our world as a shadow of death, reigning destruction and speaking in a rhythmic tongue that will instill madness, murder, and chaos. His passage will herald an age where the light of the world will dim and the vilest of magic will flow, ushering in a new age infused with unmentionable evil. It is foretold that with his passage the seas will boil, the skies will rain with blood, and the very dead will walk again. He goes by many names whispered amongst those who study the very darkest of occult lore, but you may know him by his true name…Big Hoodoo!


POW! From the start they have been electrifying the senses with their uncanny abilities on the mic, in the studio and on stage as they continue to mutate throughout the years to remain the undisputed super heroes of the underground world! WHAM! For more than 25 years they have brought to you music, movies, comics, games, wrestling, laughter, and this very festival as a testament of the love they have for their Juggalo fam, as they stand with them through thick and thin! CRASH! Now they take the stage for the 20th time for the 20th annual with an explosive performance that will transcend across every multiverse throughout known time and space! BANG! They always remain the epitome of dopeness, as they continue to fly into the stratosphere of legendary status powered by pure Juggalo love…Clown on Muthafakoos! KABOOM!

Twitter @ICP


Feel the Ruusshhhh as the Psychopathic Monstar takes the stage in an explosive verbal assault of machine-gun-style mayhem. This tried and true battle-born and bred MC from Flint MI has paved a way of success that tunnels deep beneath the underground. He is considered to have one of the highest energy live performances to ever ignite a mic, and now he comes to completely obliterate the Gathering grounds, leaving all in his wake empowered, mesmerized, and feeling the flow of high-octane adrenaline that only he can infuse. Get ready to get live as you get lit for LYTE!

Twitter @Lyte


Emerging from the all-consuming flames of the Trashfire and the murky, bottomless depths of the Gutterwater, the underground rumbles with ominous sounds and bass that pounds from the one known as the Future of the Wicced Shit. Ouija Macc is one Juggalo on an eternal mission. With his legions of Guttergods and original sound that has made its mark on the Juggalo World forever, he invites us all to join him on an epic and arduous quest on streets strewn with blood to gather the elements for the absolute mayhem of Darc Planet. So light it up and start a pit. 40 bodies ain’t enough cuz that’s that Gary Way, Bitch. Who will survive?


P-P-P-POW! Let the impact hit you as your wig splits back upon impact! You are now toe to toe with The Notorious! The Infamous! The Wickedest! The Feared and Deadly Forces hostile forces of none other than…the SOOPA Villainz! Making their Gathering debut, the soopa group of ICP and Esham are ready to devastate and annihilate, laying waste to all in their path, flying at lightning speed with fists of fury, crunching your teeth into the back of your skull. Get ready to get decimated as the nefarious sounds pound the stage. SOOPA DOOPA!


In the short time the site was actually live, we were able to get a few bits of info as it pertains to the festival, such as the rules and campground details. Here’s what we have so far:

This year’s GOTJ is being held on a 400-acre fenced-in outdoor music venue known as Shimmer Forest, with an address of 99 Moore Lane, Springville IN, 47462. It is owned and operated by a super cool group of ninjas who are excited to bring our event to their home, and for that alone they deserve our respect. There is enough space at Shimmer Forest to allow everyone to camp directly on the grounds (most of which is beneath the shade of trees) for a truly 24-hour experience.

There is a 20-acre field located near the front entrance to Shimmer Forest where you may park your vehicle for free. Keep in mind there is no camping allowed in the parking area! Due to fire codes, any campsites set up in the parking lot will be moved (go to the Info Tent for help locating your stuff if this happens to you).

Once you enter Shimmer Forest with your GOTJ wristband you are free to camp in any of the designated camping areas on a first come first serve basis. These locations will be clearly marked on the GOTJ map of Shimmer Forest, which will be available in the GOTJ program, and on this website. Keep in mind that the Gathering staff reserve the right to move any tent, vehicle, or campfire, to handle disputes. Or, if they are located on a road, or an unofficial camping area. There are some key rules that everyone must follow when camping:

There is no camping in the Parking Lot or in the field in front of the Soopa Stage.
All tents and vehicles must be 15 feet from any other tent, vehicle, or campfire in all directions.
Do not camp in-between any row of metal poles, as these mark fire lanes.
Make sure to safely contain, maintain, and extinguish all campfires.
All vehicles at a campsite must have an appropriate vehicle sticker pass.
Please be respectful of your neighbors, especially when it comes to excessive noise at night.

The following is a list of key rules to help keep everyone safe and ensure a good time. We ask that you treat everything on the grounds of Shimmer Forest with respect to show proper respect to the owners who have welcomed us into their homes. We also ask ninjas to refrain from showing up early to the Gathering.

No selling of illegal substances or the breaking of any other laws.
No underage or excessive drinking, or substance abuse.
Children must be supervised by adults.
No vandalism or destruction of property.
No cutting of trees, damaging plant life, or hurting wild animals.
The speed limit while on the grounds is 5 mph.
No animals.
No weapons, glass, or dangerous objects.
No spray-paint.
No littering, especially at the campsites.
No selling of food or manufactured merchandise (especially bootlegged merch).

As always, we will continue to keep everyone up to date on ALL Gathering news and updates as the information rolls in!

Tonight on the Juggalo Show we had almost an ENTIRE EPISODE full of details pertaining to the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos: SOOPA GATHERING!

Here’s a quick rundown of everything covered tonight!

  • Winners of the Demo Jams Contest will officially kick off the Gathering at Main Stage
  • Pavilions are rentable sites, 20×40, only a few of them have power
  • Ballas sites will have power and running water, but you will not be able to see main stage; at early entry there will only be one vehicle permitted per site, however there are roads leading to the sites so other vehicles can be parked on ballas sites after general admission
  • There will be smaller ballas sites, “Bootleg Ballas”
  • Dump station will only be available on the way in and on the way out
  • Mini DCG Con at DCG Pavilion, Daily tournaments during firstthree days with Master’s Tournament on Day 4; all the usual games, Noon-4AM
  • Zug Izland will be performing their 2003 Psychopathic Records debut album Cracked Tiles in it’s ENTIRETY!
  • Active radio broadcast station on site, will be used for W-FUCKOFF, as well as updates and announcements
  • Psychopathic All-Star Experience exclusive amulet is Flip the Rat
  • No plans for Uncanny Stage as of yet, open to suggestions!
  • May tour is officially named FuryFest; Ouija Macc and DJ Paul added to all dates

Stay Tuned for more Soopa Gathering news!!

Over on Facebook, Insane Clown Posse finally released information in regards to the Gathering website and, most importantly, tickets!

Here’s what their post said:

Tickets for the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos will be on sale this Sunday, March 17, at 6pm, eastern! The official website will launch and all will be revealed! Tune into JuggaloGathering(dot)com on Sunday! Who’s ready to SOOPA Gather? Get ready for the devastating flavor that only a celebration of this magnitude can bring: 20 YEARS OF THE GATHERING MUTHAFACKOOS! Tickets are dropping on Sunday! Get ready! Whoop whoop! #SoopaGather

There you have it! Tickets will finally be available on St Patrick’s Day, the SEVENTEENTH of March! We can’t wait to see you there!

Earlier today, Detroit News released an article with some words from Violent J about how the general public has a seemingly new outlook on the clowns.

Of interest in the article, a few bits of info that are new to many of us, including:

  • FFF is partially inspired by the animosity between the label and Young Wicked following the incidents of 2016
  • Flip the Rat will contain 12 tracks
  • The track “Low” will contain interpolations from the classic “Time of the Season” by The Zombies
  • The track “West Vernor Ave” takes inspiration from Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue”
  • ICP is planning to do more acoustic sets in the future, including at the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos

Read the full article by clicking Right Here!

Over on Facebook for tonight’s episode of the Juggalo Show, we got hit with some HUGE gathering news!!

The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos has been moved to Shimmer Forest in Springville, Indiana, and is scheduled for July 31-August 3, 2019!! Tickets will be available when the website goes live on FEBRUARY 17!

Ballas sites will have RUNNING WATER AND POWER, and there will be ON-SITE septic removal!! Check out the location by clicking RIGHT HERE!!

DCG Con will not be happening this year, will return NEXT YEAR! Focusing 100% on Fearless Fred Fury and The 20th Annual!! BUT there will be NEW PSYCHOPATHIC GAMES next year!

Also announced/confirmed tonight, the Flip the Rat EP is now a FULL LENGTH ALBUM, and WILL BE available in bundles WITH Fearless Fred Fury, only at participating independent record stores! SPECULATION HAS IT that DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia/Da Mafia 6/Killjoy Club notoriety MAY have an appearance on the Flip album, which WILL indeed come in a hard copy!

We also got updates regarding the aforementioned upcoming Psypher, which was filmed at Hallowicked and is slated for release soon!

The Milky Way has 11,000,000,000 Earths, according to Violent J! WE ARE NOT ALONE!!! DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO!!!

Over on ICP’s Facebook, we got the first hint of gathering info for the upcoming 20th Anniversary: Soopa Gathering!

Here’s what they had to say:

JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES! The time has come! This Thursday January 31st on the world famous Juggalo Show, details will be announced for the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos! Celebrating 20 years with our crazy fresh Juggalo Family WHUT!!!–on this grand occasion, we don’t just Gather…WE SOOPAGATHER!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Get the low down of what’s about to go down as we here at Psychopathic Records proudly present to you: THE SOOPA GATHERING: 20 years of the Juggalo Gathering, on crack edition!

Details dropping Thursday 8pm EST on the Juggalo Show! Check out Psychopathic TV and be prepared to be schooled! Let the countdown begin! #GOTJ20

So make sure you tune into the Juggalo Show THIS THURSDAY!!!

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