Over on Facebook for tonight’s episode of the Juggalo Show, we got hit with some HUGE gathering news!!

The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos has been moved to Shimmer Forest in Springville, Indiana, and is scheduled for July 31-August 3, 2019!! Tickets will be available when the website goes live on FEBRUARY 17!

Ballas sites will have RUNNING WATER AND POWER, and there will be ON-SITE septic removal!! Check out the location by clicking RIGHT HERE!!

DCG Con will not be happening this year, will return NEXT YEAR! Focusing 100% on Fearless Fred Fury and The 20th Annual!! BUT there will be NEW PSYCHOPATHIC GAMES next year!

Also announced/confirmed tonight, the Flip the Rat EP is now a FULL LENGTH ALBUM, and WILL BE available in bundles WITH Fearless Fred Fury, only at participating independent record stores! SPECULATION HAS IT that DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia/Da Mafia 6/Killjoy Club notoriety MAY have an appearance on the Flip album, which WILL indeed come in a hard copy!

We also got updates regarding the aforementioned upcoming Psypher, which was filmed at Hallowicked and is slated for release soon!

The Milky Way has 11,000,000,000 Earths, according to Violent J! WE ARE NOT ALONE!!! DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO!!!

  • The largest Mini Gathering is coming back around for the 7th year and they have free Faygo and Pizza!

Alla Xul Elu is headlining The Midwest Mini Gathering at Club Voodoos in Columbus and they’re bringing a grip of wicked artists with them on April 21st. Tickets are only $5 if you get them in advance but $10 the day of the show which would pay for the Pizza and Faygo alone and it will definitely be a kick ass show to watch.

But there’s definitely a lot more… They are bringing with them Faygo Cupcakes from Kiki’s Cakery and Cookies. Not only that, but they will be having Juggalo Karaoke if you wanna get down with that, and open mic freestyle cyphers.

It’s on a Saturday so there’s not really anything better you could be doing.

Doors open at 5PM and if you don’t want to pay double then you can get tickets at the web address in the event hosted by us, The Alla Xul Elu Street Team, Ez Sixosix, Jay Villain and other opening artists, plus check in here on Facebook:

Or the direct ticket link is:

The opening artists and promoters are also selling tickets in the event above if you’d like to meet with some of them and if you are not able to get tickets online.

Be sure to like the page and hit “Follow First” to stay up to date on events like this and be sure to support your local artists fam!

Juggalo March

Psychopathic Records has launched new websites: – – and for 2017.  THE YEAR OF THE JUGGALO! Do not miss The Juggalo March!

The Juggalo March will officially commence in D.C. at the National Mall on Saturday, September 16, 2017. The day before will be JCW wrestling and night 1 of an amazing FREE concert. Following the march in the afternoon there will be another night of music. Sunday the 17th there will be Juggalo picnic in the park.

Be sure to stay tuned for all kinds of information coming from the three new sites!  WHOOP WHOOP!!


“As part of its ongoing battle with the FBI, the Insane Clown Posse is planning a march on Washington, D.C. with its fanbase, who are known as Juggalos.” – The Detroit News

“Washington, D.C.’s reflecting pool will run red with Faygo soda when Insane Clown Posse lead their “Juggalo” fans in a march on the capitol next year. The clown-faced, horror-rap duo’s Violent J made the announcement this past weekend at the 17th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. The march is part of the duo’s protesting of the FBI’s decision to list Juggalos as gang members.” – Rolling Stone

Juggalo Charity Auction

SCU and ‘Vinnie the ICP Kid’ Present: Juggalo Charity Auction

The Juggalo Charity Auction!   All kinds of wicked things will be auctioned or raffled off, some things deep from collectors hidden vaults of freshness! Check it out here:

So far they have raffled off, given away, or auctioned off multiple fresh items from Juggalo Collectors such as Vinnie the ICP Kid and many others!  Be sure to check back often for what they got going on.  SCU is always helping those in need out.



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