Caffiendz, a new podcast from Whitney Peyton and Gabriella Meghan, now streaming

Whitney Peyton has started up a new weekly podcast with her friend Gabriella Meghan titled Caffiendz! Here’s a quick rundown:

A coffee fueled podcast exploring aliens, ghosts, and all things weird! Hosted by Gabriella Meghan & Whitney Peyton. New Episodes drop every monday on spotify, itunes, google play, and more

Available weekly on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play, with two episodes already up!

Don’t forget to also check out the new music she’s doing with Gina Fritz in Keyed Up!


🐏”BIG” Music Video:


🐍”Movies” Music Video:

⏳3rd song “Gone” Pre-save/order
(dropping March 1st)

Keyed Up Merch!

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