Breaking News Direct from Violent J Regarding GOTJ17!

Breaking News Direct from Violent J Regarding GOTJ17!

Juggalos of the Juggalotus… I Have freshness to report! Well ninjas, after Friday’s post of turmoil and confusion, all was resolved with a simple phone call. Jamie Madrox and Monoxide reached out and called us direct late last night and we had a great conversation. Anyway I’m glad to report that Twiztid has indicated to us that they plan on performing at Gathering 17 and negotiations are underway. We even have a new, special show planned to debut. For the first time ever, ICP, Twiztid and Blaze plan on performing in it’s entirety… “The Wizard of the Hood” complete with changing stage sets and all kinds of freshness. How dope is that shit? We think it’s pretty damn dope. Twiztid and Blaze are our brothers. All family has arguments, fortunately for us, our arguments never seem to last beyond a phone call! Whoooooop Whoooooop! –Violent J

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