Ask a Juggalo: Where do Juggalos like to eat?

Ask a Juggalo: Where do Juggalos like to eat?

Q: Where do Juggalos like to eat? Are there Juggalo-friendly restaurants anywhere?

A: Waffle Houses — when you’re on the road. Since the very beginning, that is completely a Juggalo hookup. Taco Bell is 110 percent across the nation a Juggalo haven. All Subways across the country are hugely, hugely, endorsed by Juggalos. And then let’s talk about buffets: Every town’s got some kind of absolute, off-the-hook buffet. And it doesn’t matter if they’re mom and pop shop-style or big box, like let’s say, Golden Corral. Those are huge, huge Juggalo havens. Yeah, buffets. Straight up. All versions. Same thing as far as coney islands. Doesn’t matter what version of a coney island, but you’ll find fuckin’ Juggalos in some coney islands. Straight up. Pizza: anything pizza, period. Doesn’t matter if it’s a franchise, a nationwide name, Vincenzo’s Cucina— anywhere that serves pizza, period. Mexican Village, man. Like, literally. Mexican Village is a huge stomping grounds for Juggalos since the beginning. Every chance I get, I’m always for, “Let’s go to Mexican Village.” And when it’s a big event, like Hallowicked, you better believe Mexican Village gets hit up like a motherfucker from cats from out of town that wanna see and wanna eat at the restaurants that are talked about in the music.


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