AMB: The Garcia Brothers – Review

ambThis is a unsolicited review – and what I mean by that is, the artist or the label did not send us the CD and ask us to promote it, nothing was sent to us at all about it at all.  So as a fan of both the artist and the label – I gave it a listen to see what they came up with for their first Psychopathic release in 6 years.

Summary – I really liked it, beats that drop, instrumental and samples that are not just basic cookie cutter stuff like most stuff coming out these days.  Lyrical meaning and feeling.  Hoping the sound and feel of this rubs off on the labels upcoming releases.

1. Intro – Although clearly the sounds of a fire burning and a fire truck – it is still sirens going, which is one thing I hate in music – nothing like sirens coming over the radio when your driving.  Quick lil intro and then that’s pretty much where the staleness ends.

2. Us Against The World – A track about coming up with a nice electronic feel to the beats and a very clean and crisp instrumental – lyrics take you through the story of them against the world!

3. M.O.E. – A funky sounding track in a good way, great mix that puts depth into the project, a track about Murder – a hook that drops and sounds amazing

4. I Get Even – A track that has some great sounds sampled in, great for us add kids who don’t like to hear the same repetitive shit over and over

5. Smoke Kush – Colorado Juggalos – gotta have a track about the smoke! another funky style instrumental that fits the topic perfectly

6. Might Go Mad (feat. Insane Clown Posse) – Love this track, crisp and clean vocals from AMB and ICP – although a extremely repetitive instrumental – its a nice mellow track when your looking to chill out after Smoking some Kush.

7. Roaches – We don’t never die! A slightly less mellow track, dual artists group shine on tracks like this, change of pace and infliction between them highlights the lyrical talent of both artists.

8. Shine – Great beat, mixed amazingly – all sounds come together perfectly – probably my favorite track and is already on my daily playlist – so I try to pick this one apart the most… that annoying noise a lot of artists are using at live shows has found its self as a sample in this track a few times which I hate, but other then that and the repetitiveness at the end of the track, this one is fire.

9. Bleed (feat. Anybody Killa) – Digging the instrumental on this track – good beats, slower vocals which is nice – and a heavily electronic influenced hook.  ABK’s verse flows great on this track and hoping to hear more tracks from the three of them together.

10. No Trust – Anyone who’s dealt with some shady ass significant others will dig this track – so everyone!! Everything pieces together great, to much repetition for me

11. I Keep It Movin’ – Another electronic influenced track and fast paced – yet flows great and easy to follow.

12. Listen (feat. Big Hoodoo) – News Samples from Kurt Cobain’s Suicide? – A very laid back track – one of the more meaningful tracks on the project as far as lyrical content goes and will touch many that way. Hoodoo’s voice goes great on this track – good to hear him on this one.

13. Runaway -Another track with a extreme mellow feel to it with some sinister sounding lyrics.

14. Nobody Get Hurt – Rasta sounding KMK style sound almost – wraps out the sound as the project mellowed out at the end.

In closing this project surprised me, I could listen to this start to finish which is more then I could say for pretty much most music coming out these days. A great mix of beats, instrumentals, samples, and overall sounds. I look forward to seeing them out on tour again soon – and have high hopes for their upcoming music.   Very high on the “Us against the world” Mentality lyrically, and some tracks with lots of repetition, are the only negatives from someone trying to find negatives.


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