Alla Xul Elu announces vinyl release of The Almighty

Billy Obey, Joey Black, and Lee Carver, better known as Alla Xul Elu, have announced the release of their MNE debut album The Almighty on vinyl! To be released on February 22, it is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, with pre-order bundles coming to MNE Store soon!

Rumor has it there are variants, too! Here’s what Lee Carver had to say on Facebook:

Three different vinyl variants!
600 Red w/yellow cloud, 250 Red/yellow, and 150 Red/Opaque Black.
There will ALSO be 2 cover variants!
700 Standard, and 300 Alternate Cover.
All variants will be randomly shipped, so let me ask you. Do you feel lucky, punk? Pre orders are livE now on #Amazon! #LLE #MNE

So get that pre-order finger ready, Xuligans! 🤘🏻

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