Alla Xul Elu pre-order bundles now available for The Almighty

Majik Ninja Entertainment’s MNE Store has posted SIX pre-order options for Alla Xul Elu’s upcoming album The Almighty, to be released 09/28/2018, with full tracklist and all guest features left as a mystery!

Here’s the info from the pre-order page:

Believe. . . . . .Praise. . . . . .THE ALMIGHTY!!! Xuligans rise as the unholy trinity Alla Xul Elu descends from their church steeples and takes their places deep in the underground and new home MNE!! Their first offering is none other than “THE ALMIGHTY”, 20 Tracks sure to show that they are bringing the wicked shit with them as they dismantle what you think you know and create a brand new era in horrorcore!! A.X.E. and their army are taking the underground by storm, so get on broad for a trip through hell with Alla Xul Elu!!!

Artist: Alla Xul Elu
Album: The Almighty
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
1. Almighty ft. ???? ???????
2. The Parish
3. Stained Glass
4. Axe Is Family
5. Belial ft. ?????? ???????
6. Camp Xul
7. Down For Life
8. Dead
9. Decomposing
10. Belive
11. Blasphemous ft. ??? ??????????
12. Skin
13. Coming Soon
14. Forever Face
15. Pipebomb
16. Lost Cause
17. Venomous ft. ???????
18. The Forgotten
19. Into the Fire ft. ?? ???
20. Going To Hell


As previously stated, there are SIX pre-order options available, including a Forever Face jersey bundle, and a new HORNED FOREVER FACE! Here’s the graphic on what’s available for the pre-order packages

Andd if that’s not enough for you, they dropped a brand new video from the album for the track “Axe is Family”! Peep that below!



We here at Juggalo News have been awaiting this release for quite some time, and are very excited about all the big things going on around it!



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