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Hey ninjas Hanka and Hashly here with another fresh tour review. This time it’s the “Family Fun Time Tour” Featuring Big Hoodoo, Boondox, and ABK!

This review will be pretty personal, because this show happened to fall on 12/3 which is my (Hanka) fathers birthday. He passed in 2006 so him being someone that helped me get into psychopathic this trip was in memory of my favorite juggalo, my best friend… My Dad.

Hashly and myself started out on our trip from Hendersonville NC to Spartanburg SC. We arrived at the venue, Ground Zero which I (Hanka) have seen many a show over the years. It’s a nice little venue that makes for intimate shows and the workers have always been really cool to the juggalo community.

Now this night started off really different. This was a tour stop that has a lot of confusion surrounding it. We don’t know the full details but it was a show, then it was canceled, then it was back on again. When we got there something was off though, no cars, no artists, nothing but a few lone venue workers. When the artists showed up there was a feeling of tension and uncertainty, we honestly felt like there might not be a show tonight.

With that we walked into the doors, to grab a drink and start setting up equipment, as we set up we noticed a few more juggalos trickle in. Not including staff members once we finished setting up there were 9 people inside the venue. But we also noticed they started loading in set pieces, ninjas…. We Have A Show! Hashly got a meet and greet backstage as usual, while I stayed out front and enjoyed a beer in memory of my dad.

Local Support: Ninjas Den Entertainment artists J-Pop, Genocyde, Jiggzaw. Neither of us knew much about the local support, but they came out with nothing but family love. Even with a small technical difficulty they powered through like professionals. Whoop Whoop to them! Keep it up ninjas!


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Act 1: Big Hoodoo. Coming out with the Detroit wicked voodoo, Hoodoo hit the stage and made the now growing crowd get hype. Hashly and myself are just now getting to know hoodoo. From what we have seen at gatherings, and now this show we are looking forward to hear more from from him. Hoodoo brings a genuine and passionate performance every time he hits the stage as far as we’ve seen. Hoodoo came out, and he set the bar for the rest of the night!


Dont sleep on Hoodoo juggalos!


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Hashly and myself stepped away from the stage before act 2 started, we went outside to get some air, and just mengled amongst juggalos.

Hashly: Went on a quest to get group pictures of the crowd. They surprisingly acted afraid of the camera and slightly standoffish. I didn’t feel welcomed. I got the picture I wanted and walked away. Not gonna beg anyone to be my friend but I will never stick around to be treated like I’m not wanted. It was very disappointing to be treated that way at a juggalo event but at least the artists made up for it by hanging out and chilling after the show.
Act 2: Boondox. The Scarecrow has returned to Spartanburg. When Boondox hit the stage the vibe picked up and the crowd started to get live. Boondox came out hitting hard with a mixture of old and new. From the second Boondox stepped out he had everyone singing along, he had complete control over the audience. The Scarecrow came to make noise, and with the help of the family he did just that.  It was good seeing all the juggalos singing every lyric from harvest to abbadon they were all on POINT.

As many times as I’ve (Hanka) seen Boondox this was the most intimate show I’ve seen him at. He made sure that the ninjas that did show up didn’t leave disappointed.


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Act 3: ABK. WARRRRRIORRRRRRS!!!! When you hear that you know the native homie ABK is not far behind. The crowd is pumped this is what the night has been building up to. Like a bullet from a gun ABK runs out on stage with some old flavor. Ya Nedens Haunted. I’m (Hanka) geeked, from there he kept the energy high like a native with a peace pipe.

When Killa is on stage he’s up there to give you a show, to keep it moving and to make your emotions run wild. With so many different songs in his arsenal, he started old, and bounced around even played a little native funk. Killa made sure that all the juggalos in the house were having a good time and treating it like a party like he always does. He slowed things down for the song One Last Chance and Hoodoo even came out to help sing it.

For me (Hanka) this song was a tough one to listen to and sing, but with tears in my eyes I powered through it with the help of the juggalos. Dad was in the building helping me with that. The raw emotion in that song hits so hard everytime I hear it but in person it’s much more emotional.

And just when you thought killa was done, he came back on stage to drop one more fresh song… a new song with hoodoo and we even had Santa Claus drop by for a little holiday cheer passing out presents and hangin with the juggalos.

That was the perfect way for killa to end this show.


After Killa left the stage most of the crowd dispersed, but Hashly still wanted a few pictures so we stuck around. We checked out the merch table got our pictures and headed to the bar to share a drink with everyone.


The Owner, and the bartender at this point were VERY cool… they could have shut down the bar but they kept it open and let us all chill, drink, and just reminisce of past memories. The bartender gave away shots on the house (Jager on the request of Killa, Boondox did not partake he enjoyed himself a nice coke) We all sat around and just shared our favorite gathering memories, and then Hashly let them know about it being my dad’s birthday so we all had a drink in remembrance him. That was beyond special to me. Hashly made note of how at this past gathering “Fuck her right in the pussy” was a huge thing, so the owner of the bar Mick put “fuck her right in the pussy” videos up on the TV for us all to watch, to which Hashly suggested that we make one of our own. All the guys were totally down with this. Hoodoo unfortunately was outside removing his paint so we didn’t get him in on it. But we made the video, Boondox who just happened to have a hoodie was almost perfect for the part… Hanka suggested sunglasses and boondox was now PERFECT. After the drinks and the video we all migrated outside to say our goodbyes.

We wanna thank Mick and everyone at all of ground zero for being so cool and allowing psychopathic to come back to South Carolina.

We wanna thank Big Hoodoo, Boondox, and ABK for putting on a hell of a performance and for kicking it with the juggalos after the show.

We wanna thank True Juggalo Family for allowing us to share our experience sorry for the book but like we said very emotional night.

Hanka wants to personally thank, Killa for the beer, and for the toast to my father. I really appreciate that! And a HUGE thanks to Hashly for helping me with this emotional day… without her none of this would have happened. You’re the shit!

Hashly wants to personally thank, Killa for the free drinks, my kidneys are not happy but I am! Thanks to all of you for bringing nothing but love and jokes all night. Tried my best to make you laugh too!


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For full album of the evening check out Get Hashly Photography



Don’t forget to get out there and see the show for yourself! Be a part of the hottest holiday tour around grab a friend and get ya ass out to a show!

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12/12 – Big Fish Theater – Mesa, AZ

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12/20 – Emerson Theater – Indianapolis, IN

Genocyde: https://www.facebook.com/geno1990?fref=ts

J-Pop:  https://www.facebook.com/geno1990?fref=ts

Jiggzaw: https://www.facebook.com/johnboutiliernc

Boondox:  https://www.facebook.com/boondoxofficial

Big Hoodoo: https://www.facebook.com/bighoodoo

ABK:  https://www.facebook.com/ABKWarrior

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