Boondox Drops New Single As Turncoat Dirty And Reunites With Bukshot For Underground Avengers Show

If you are a Ninja who has been down for over a decade, chances are you will remember Boondox’ debut on Psychopathic Records at Hallowicked 2006. Little you may know however, he used to be known as Turncoat Dirty up until around 2005. Since then, Boondox has been known to put out 6 epic album releases.

Boondox has decided to bring back Turncoat Dirty and he’s got some shit for you. The Scarecrow is coming back with a new Audio Box that has a previously unreleased song by his original name.

If you want this audiobox it’s available right here:¬†

Don’t forget The Underground Avengers have officially rununited with Boondox and Buckshot in Texas!

We will have more info and the event on our page soon!

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