2017 Dark Carnival Games Convention Infomercial

Dark Carnival Games Convention Infomercial

As the DCG CON draws near we begin to see in the distance an astral gate opening into a realm of infinite wonders, beckoning all Juggalos forth to embark on an epic quest. Upon passing through, the mundane world will begin to fade, replaced with a fantastical land of the imagination filled with powerful dragons, horrific carnival rides, and cold dungeons that delve deep into the Nethervoid! This is the event Juggalo Gamers have been waiting for! It is a chance to pit your skills at Into the Echoside, Quest for Shangri-La, Texas Hold’em, Morton’s List, Juggalos Against Sanity, Magic the Gathering, and so much more against fellow gamers from around the country to find out who is the best of the best as you compete in official tournaments for your chance to win the ultimate title of world champion!


Visit dcgcon.com for more information

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