Will Twiztid Play Gathering 17? A Message From Violent J…

Will Twiztid Play Gathering 17? A Message From Violent J…

Juggalos and sexy ass Juggalettes….
     I have some possibly very crazy news.  There is actually a good chance that Twiztid may not play Gathering 17!  This would also mean no Psychopathic Rydas and no Dark Lotus sets.  How did all this come to be? It’s almost to lame to even
believe. I just cant believe it has come to this, I just dont fuckin understand. Allow me to explain…
     It all started at the last Gathering during the ICP seminar.  Shaggy and I made the mistake of announcing that Boondox was leaving Psychopathic Records and was in fact signing with Twiztid’s new label Magik Ninja Entertainment.  Apparently
us making this announcment really pissed Twiztid off because a couple days lator Monoxide posted a video on Periscope, in which he said (This is not an exact quote, but he said things along the lines of… ) Twiztid never ever had any fuckin’
intentions of signing Boondox and this was nothing more than ICP’s attempt to throw a punch at them. He asked “How do you like ICP now?” and repeatedly stated that our announcment was total bullshit and a lie designed to make Twiztid look bad. Monoxide also said that allthough they had no plans of signing Boondox before “I guess they have to now”.
     This was a total shock to us because we honestly figured they were signing Boondox! Weeks prior to the Gathering, Boondox had informed us at Psychopathic Records that he was leaving the label to persue other opportunitys.  He had been recently touring with Twiztid and they had just announced that Boondox was again on there new tour as well. Then he showed up with Twiztid at the Gathering, rode around and hung out with them and there crew the whole time, and even left a day early with Twiztid instead of performing in the Deadly Meadly with us as previously planned.  These are the main reasons we and alot of other ninjas asumed Boondox was signing with Twiztid.
     Nonetheless we now realize it was a mistake for us to make that announcement.  Number one, even though Psychopathic Records created and designed the Boondox “Scarecrow” character, the fact was he was now leaving the label and it was his and Twiztid’s business when, how and if that announcement was ever made.  (I personally believe what Twiztid was really mad about was that we made the announcment before they could, and we kind of fucked up there plans. They probably had a certain spin they wanted to put on the big news, but then we came along and let the cat out of the bag.  Thats just what I believe anyway, but I could be wrong, we might never know.)  The one thing we do know is Monoxide was pissed for real. His video posting was pretty scandalous. It was a borderline diss on ICP and I couldnt believe it when I saw it.  First off, it all seemed like such a small issue we didnt really understand what he was so upset about anyway.
 So after seeing Monoxide’s posting, I sat down and wrote them a long apology letter. After all these guys our are family and label mates for something like 16 years.  ICP had a major role in the creation of Twiztid. We gave them there name! We gave them there start and for years we did everything we possibly could to see them succeed. It took serious work to get Juggalos of that era to accept them in the beginning.  Of course we are very proud of how far they’ve come since then and
what the fuck! They are our family!  We have a deep love and respect for our brothers Twiztid.
In  my apoligy letter, I explained exactly why we figured Boondox was signing with them, and we apoligized for fuckin up any plans they might of had by making that announcment.  I tried to explain our actions. I told them how sorry I was and
that I now understood making that announcment was a mistake because it was there business anyway and we should of just left it all alone.
   Once they got the letter, Twiztid’s manager George informed us that they wanted a public apology. We told them that would only draw more attention to the issue and that alot of Juggalos didnt even know there was a problem between us!
We said maybe we should just sweep it all under the rug and forget about it.  But they still wanted the public apology. Then I started thinking about Monoxide’s video post and how he had borderline dissed us when he said “What do you think of ICP now?” So I decided that if I was going to write a public apology, then maybe Monoxide should write one as well and we could both post them at the same time to let everybody know everything was all cool between us. George said he didnt think that was going to work (in other words Monoxide wasnt about to apoligize for shit) and maybe we should just let it all go.
      We still didnt know how upset Twiztid was or weather or not they were even going to play the next Gathering but we had to know right away if they were going to play next summers Gathering, because Jumpsteady literally starts planning the next Gathering as soon as one finishes. We had to know up front if they were in or not because if they werent going to play Gathering 17 we would need to make that announcement as soon as possible to give Juggalos a lot of time to get used to the idea of a Twiztid-less Gathering.  We know they would need most of the year to soak it all in and get over the shock that Gathering 17 was going to be a very, very differnt kind of Gathering.
     The Wicked Clowns will never die, and niether will the Gathering so no matter what, “the show must go on” so we started to plan a possible Gathering without Twiztid.  First off we figured we would have ICP play multiple nights. For example, one night we would do a Riddlebox show on one stage.  The next night, on a differnt stage, we would do a show where we perform all raritys.  We’d only play songs we’ve never done in concert before. That could be cool. Either that or we might do a KillJoy Club concert. Then on the last night, ICP would perform a giant show of all classics up on the main stage. And of course we would try to bring in the best bands and groups we could possibly afford!  With or without Twiztid we would do everything in our power to put on the best fuckin Gathering we possibly could.
    So present day, we’ve been contacting George for months now still looking for an answer. Still no commitment or solid answer. We toldhim we needed to know right away so we can make the announcment if they aint going to play.  I personally can’t fuckin believe they are actually still that pissed about us making that stupid announcment that they would actually consider letting down thousands of Juggalos and not performing at the Gathering.  That’s fuckin’ ridiculous to me. We’re ready to move on either way. That’s why we decided to go public with what’s been going on.
     We’re giving Twiztid 2 more weeks from today to let us know either yes they are going to play Gathering 17, or no they are not going to play the Gathering 17. So that’s it, ninjas. We will know one way or another within two weeks time or shorter.  Maybe now that the whole Juggalo world knows what’s going on they will quickly say that they are and always have been going to play, they were just too busy to call us back. Shit, we’ll take an answer any way they wanna
give it. Maybe they are actually going to stay mad at us for announcing that Boondox was signing with them and never play a Gathering again!  They will probably start their own Gathering. Who the fuck knows.
We just want to rock with our Juggalo brothers and we hope they do play the Gathering and we can put all this staleness behind us.
     Thank you for reading all this. Sorry it has come to this, our stale dispute going public and all, but were out of options and we need an answer and we need it now! We just had to keep it real with the Fam. Much Love ninjas. See you at Gathering 17!
–Violent J
   (From the tour bus parked outside the venue in Charlotte, North Carolina! Ric Flair Country!  Wooooooo!)



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