Sugar Slam Interviews Tom Wood!

As Reported in the: Hatchet Herald



I’m back y’all, with the Wondrous Fantasy Artist himself, Tom Wood. Over the years he’s given the ICP Joker Cards LIFE, and has solidified a seat forever in the Dark Carnival. I encourage you to check out his or Facebook Tom Wood Fantasy Art, full of not only the wicked shit, but fantastical original creations. I hope you enjoy our conversation and thank you for your support!


ICP’s Personal letter to Tom Wood:

We are truly fortunate and blessed to have somebody as talented and amazing as Tom Wood take up an interest in the Dark Carnival. We believe with all of our hearts he is a part of the Dark Carnival as he’s obviously expanded it through bringing the Joker Card images to life with dead on accuracy. We cannot thank him enough for his seemingly endless time and dedication toward bringing the Dark Carnival’s imagery to a whole new wicked level. It’s amazing and inspiring, leaving us with jaw dropping awe, when witnessing his work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and Much Clown Love to you my friend.

-Insane Clown Posse




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