The Kevin Gill Show

The Kevin Gill Show Episode 123

In April 29, 2017

Luster The Legend is one half of the Reno Scum, who happen to be the hottest new team in Impact Wrestling ! Luster sits down to talk about forming the Reno Scum with his favorite wrestler Adam Thornstowe, training with Mustafa from ECW’s The Gangstas , early days on independents, The rise of APW , All Pro Wrestling at The Cow Palace in 2017, seeing wrestling live for first time, connecting with Punk Rock, his look, the Origins of the OI! chant, travelling with Tim Thatcher, Future Stars Of Wrestling, Ultimate Warrior, getting noticed by Global Force Wrestling, Ric Flair, Positive Mental Attitude, debuting on Impact, his strategy for bulking up, gym access on the road, and a whole lot more!!




Photographer with work published in multiple magazines, papers, and underground merchandise and CD's. Has also had work as primary imagery on multiple psychopathic and strange records official sites.

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