Juggalette of the Month: Brittany

In April 1, 2016

You have an amazing talent for makeup. How long have you been practicing your art?

I have been painting off and on since high school. Makeup has always been a passion of mine. It was about two years ago I decided to take a more serious approach with it.

What inspired you to be a makeup artist?

I don’t think it was really an inspiration but more a realization that just made sense to do what I enjoy.


What is your favorite piece, from your work?

I feel like as I progress I get new favorites along the way. One piece I have always loved is a black and white sugar skull I did. I made a challenge for myself that night and I really enjoyed the results.

How long does a typical session take?

When I first started it would take 7 hours! Now I can typically get it done in 3 to 4. From time to time I like to challenge myself and only give myself an hour to see what I come up with.


What does being a juggalo mean to you?

I have always stood firmly behind a juggalo means being you, accepting yourself and not being bothered by the opinions of others. Anyone can judge someone but everyone has a story to tell.

Batman or superman?

Always Batman


Do you gather?

In all my juggalo years I have never gathered! Haven’t ruled it out yet though.

What albums/songs are you bumping the most, right now?

I have a pretty wide variety of music I listen to. I don’t ever get stuck on just one genre or artist too long.


Do you paint anything other than faces?

I have painted faces down to the chest. When I worked at a haunt for Halloween I also did details on the nails and hands. I would love to do a big full body project, definitely not ruling anything out.






Photographer with work published in multiple magazines, papers, and underground merchandise and CD's. Has also had work as primary imagery on multiple psychopathic and strange records official sites.

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