Juggalo March Documentary and Photo Slideshow

Juggalo March Documentary by Mankini

Photo Slideshow by #Hazin

“On the morning of the march, my apartment became something of a media sensation. Vice and the Guardian were conducting interviews all over, and I was jumping back and forth between different interviews. I was sent texts from all kinds of people, all day and night, setting up interviews and looking for Juggalo’s with stories. Aaron hit me up on my Mankini page and said he was working on a short doc about the juggalo march and what had been going on with us. He sent his friend Jeff to my apartment in the early morning, then we would reconvene later, on the mall to talk about the march itself. Aaron and Jeff were both really cool, and completely compassionate about the entire gang situation. The result, this 5 minute doc that Aaron just finished up….and it’s beautiful. Thank you, Aaron and Jeff!!” – Mankini


Here is a Slideshow from Psychopathic Records Photographer: #Hazin.  You can find the entire photo collection at http://hazin.me



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