Is Tech N9ne’s Live show Sexual Harassment?

Tech N9ne reporter Alex Osborne recently attended the live performance at Prince Bandroom.  Here are some excerpts from the piece they published.


was everything I had hoped it would be – except for his blatant and uncomfortable sexual harassment.


Krizz thanked everyone for buying his CDs, and said that he used to be bullied, but that now he is famous, he can ‘fuck their girlfriends’ – wait, what? His story started off almost emotional and uplifting, but then I felt like he was just being a dick. Lots of people laughed, but it was uncomfortable for many more.


Tech then re-joined Krizz and asked the crowd for ‘all the fine ass females to get on some shoulders.’ Once a few women were up as requested, cheering, he then asked them to ‘show him their titties’. When nobody complied, he – and I forget his exact words – said something to the extent of, ‘if you aren’t going to show me, then sit your ass down.’ A few women dropped back down, but others stayed up. Tech focused his attention on one woman in particular who had stayed up on someone’s shoulders, repeating again that she should ‘sit her ass down’ if she wasn’t going to flash. The women all eventually climbed back down – Tech just wouldn’t leave them alone.


There was definite discomfort in the crowd, and while it predominantly recovered when he followed Areola with Speedom and WWC, two of his most popular tracks, I couldn’t shake the bad moment.


Tech N9ne live was one of the great hip-hop experiences; his talent is undeniable, but his unnecessary harassment of women is unnacceptable. I know that the setup for Areola seems to have worked at a number of his shows, but there’s a less offensive way to do it, and that is not harrassing and humiliating women who just want to enjoy a concert without being objectified or pressured into taking off their clothes.


So feel free to leave your thoughts in our comments section below, you can also head on over and check out the whole piece they did at:



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