Independent Artist Video Spotlight: Tonio Morale “Time”


Tonio Morale, who is known to most as simply “Tonio” began his music career at an early age. Born and raised in Kansas City Missouri, he has always been a fan, student and a advocate of lyricism with in conscience rap. He has a strong musical background which is oddly rooted in philosophy. Tonio Morale first discovered his ability to rap from his grandmother, (Ms. Daisy) who convinced him that he would one day bless the world with the  talents that God has given him.Tonio reminded her of her two sons Tyrone and Tony mainly because of Tyrone’s ambitious nature and Tony’s desire for music. Daisy always use to tell Tonio that she felt guilty for not being a strong supporter of her son’s music career and would never make the same mistake again. May 1 2009 Ms. Daisy passed away from heart failure this tragedy pushed Tonio to pursue music as a career. In the same year Tonio release his first solo project called Be-lie-ve  vol. 1, this mixtape touched on topic such as the meaning of life and death, the importance of religion and spiritual awareness, and the psychological effect your environment has on self perception. The uniqueness of Tonio Morale’s music is that it tends to found positivity even with in the most darkest subjects. 


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