ICP Release’s 4th Jokers Card of 2nd Deck!

Hey ninjas, I got some news for that ass! Over on ICPs Facebook page, they have released an actual picture of the 4th Jokers Card from the mighty 2nd deck. It is “Fearless” Fred Fury! Here is what it looks like and here the release statement from Psychopathic!


BEWARE of FFF. You have been warned. The Dawn of a New Era rises up from the forbidden realm of the Dark Carnival. The Juggalo Family heeds a mighty call as a new card is dealt and unleashed upon the unsuspecting and unprepared, ascending to the physical earth from the almighty Dark Carnival. The saga will live on…The Juggalo Family Will Never Die! Juggalos and Juggalettes Worldwide: Presenting to you the monumental 4th Joker’s Card of the 2nd deck. Within plumes of toxic fumes…brewing from the depths of the Carnival grounds amidst harmonious sounds…Animals, Freaks, and Clowns BEWARE! “Fearless” Fred Fury aka “Red Fred” and his untrusty little friend Flip The Rat draw near. BEWARE…NO ONE IS SAFE!


So there you have it ninjas! FFF! Until next time, pEace!



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