I.C.P Carnival of Carnage LIVE! JULY 22nd 1992 at Todds

I.C.P Carnival of Carnage LIVE! JULY 22nd 1992 at Todds


What up juggalos!!! Welcome to the freshest video hookup in decades. Today i am unveiling and giving a gift to the juggalo world. This VERY RARE, SELDOM SEEN BEFORE video footage was part of a very small group of traders collections.. and those traders are well respected and have held on to this footage for ages. Unfortunately, it has recently come to my attention, that a copy of these were stolen from a personal collection, and since leaked and made its way to several collectors and basically spread. As a hardcore collector im somewhat saddened as part of the fun of a fan is always searching or knowing somethings out there hidden.. Anyways, since the disc was lifted and leaked, well.. its not hidden or fun.. Now people are just paying big money for something they think is exclusive. So.. i heavy heartedly have decided that out of freshness for the people who are spending big money for something that is no longer exclusive, and out of a more freshness to the people who leaked this footage after people paid good money to own personal copies.. I now present to you juggalos.. Icp’s 2nd concert ever, Live at TODDS in detroit- JULY 22nd, 1992! Enjoy… the juggalo world has shaken and shifted.

If youve paid big cash to own this footage, i apologize. While I / we the traders do not own the world nor can stop people from seeing footage (nor arguably should we, its there for everyone) at the end of the day, this footage was swiped straight out of someones collection, given to someone, and thus the wild fire spread. Stolen property is a stretch so i aint really going that far.. BUUUT if you just dropped a few hundred on this.. im sorry. My main motivation for doing this is so people dont start getting hoed, spending and trading crazy merch while its all hush hush. To any haters that arise from this.. well, I / WE are out a lot of money, and we are personally the last people on earth who ever wanted this on youtube. After hearing the money people are paying right now for a dvd that tons of people have, it just has to be done, out of respect and freshness.



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