Hazin’s 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos – Review








Let me start out by saying. I had a great time, I really hope TJF is invited back again in the media aspect of things.  My work on this site is a hobby, we have no professional event photographers, reporters, or videographers.  Ok, if your not into reading – get over it. This is a bit long winded.

First I have to thank.  WhiteT (Chris Sabin), he has no facebook…. – Hashly (Cody Blackford)Oreo (Shanae David)Blackie (Shane Blackford) and Deania Schuler – those who provided content for TJF and this review. The rest of the Iowa crew as well for making the trip all that much more fun. We never really hang out all year long, it really is a family reunion!  It is a shame the Texas Ninjas could not make the trip this year!  You were greatly missed.  The hippopotamus for saving the gathering!

Secondly I have to thank Psychopathic Records.  Billy Bill, Cody, and Most importantly Andy – We were invited in 2011 and this year we were not only invited but given press access.  It’s good to see the underground media like Faygoluvers and ourselves get recognition and a invitation.  Over the course of the last year, I think that relationship has built a ton, and minus some confusion and lack of communication at this years gathering. It is always a pleasure.  Here’s hoping this will continue to build as we have the largest social media following of all the Juggalo News Outlets, and that is were the BIG Whoop Whoop Thanks goes to. You – our readers, your the ones who make the site so popular – and the reason we keep bringing you the content you want to see.

To answer one of the most common questions each year. Cameras used by Myself and my friends.   Nikon Coolpix S8200 (Hazin) , Nikon Coolpix S3100 (Hashly)  and a couple of Kodak Easyshares and similar point and shoot Cannon. (WhiteT, Oreo/Blackie).  Video shot mostly on a Panasonic SDR-H85 and similar model by Hazin or Blackie.   All very affordable point and shoot personal use equipment. I am hoping to be able to afford something a little more professional before next years tours and the gathering.

Now on to the review. The 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos – Through my eyes!

This year I slept in the dirt a few times, like the old days. But before we get to all that. Lets start at the beginning.   In previous years, I have been able to bring you all some pictures and videos of the gathering setup a little early – however this year due to a tightening of security as we will call it, this was not allowed.  We left Iowa Sunday afternoon – with the thought of worst case scenario, we will be in the front of the line, and able to lock down the usual spot were TJF and FLH post up camp.

Sunday we had a flat tire on the trailer, and then had a blow out near Hannibal, Missouri.  I would like to thank the Wal-mart auto team for hooking me up with the help – they are the reason we made it to the gathering that night, and then home ok.  One expensive tire, a loaned floor jack, and a little help and we were quickly on the road again.

Now we usually head out on a Monday to hit the gathering.  However they started a day early, so we started a day early.  Now that is were one problem found us.  We stop for our food/liquid supplies in Mt. Vernon, Il  the last Wal-mart and major civilization on our way to the gathering.  Southern Illinois can be fun when seeking alcohol.  Guess what… No one sells alcohol on Sunday nights.  After sending out some emergency texts to homies on the way.  Scottie D and Pysko Scott answered the call and bought me some.  Again big thanks!  The gathering wouldn’t be the same without you guys – and not just because you brought me some beer.  MCL.

Upon arriving in the area, we typically get up by the gate for a couple reasons. The main one being my camper simply will not make it up that damn hill to the staging area, as seen in a previous year. Great gas mileage, but same motor as any Toyota corolla…  However this year, the road was blocked before the split, and we were now in a roughly 20 car line on the side of the road.  We hung out with some ninja’s and we peddled some of my home made apple pie (drink). As the sun came up, we popped a tent in the grass and I passed out.

Monday Psychopathic was moving people from the road up to the staging area if you had your tickets in hand. If you did not, you were being turned away.  It appeared I was the first “special list” and was parked temporarily on the side of the road until everyone was through into the staging area or turned away.  At this point with my trusty phone, was able to pull up a email record showing I would be on the “media list”.   Thanks to Cody and Billy for giving me the time of day, and to Tim with hogrock for allowing them to park me down the other road were a ticket booth was being setup.

My RV crew camped out alone up near the campground entrance, while my other vehicle (they had tickets) was funneled into the staging area.  We were told by security we were not allowed to walk over into the staging area, so it was a boring Monday as the 4 of us just chilled out in the sun, watching the ticket booth being setup.  We crashed out at a decent time, only to wake up to have a good 20 or so vehicles that had stuffed themselves between the RV and the ticket booth.  At some point that afternoon Scottie D. with faygoluvers.net texted me letting me know he was in the staging area with my beer.  However no way to get it to me.  Psychopathic had mailed him his tickets rather then putting him on a list (lucky bastard).

In the group that was in our staging area, it was a mix of other special list people such as wrestlers, bands, artists, vendors, and some people who had purchased the shirt package.  As people were approved and given the tickets – they were being sent back down and to the main staging area rather then through into the camp ground.  Band and Media were told there was no chance of getting into the campground until Wednesday morning at 10am when our lists came in.  Andy and George were not on site yet and they were not expected until then.  We were constantly told no one in the regular staging area was getting in till that same time.  Even with the multiple twitter, facebook, and text messages all day Tuesday saying that the regular staging area was moving or being let in.  Tuesday afternoon they started letting vendors in to setup.  Seen some people gain entry claiming they were vendors using the confusion of the moment, that were not vendors.

Tuesday evening I received the word from Scottie, and my crew in the regular staging that they were in fact being let in, and that they were attempting to hold down our camp site.  That feeling of dread quickly set in that we were not going to get a decent spot as the gates have opened. Still being told we will not be let in for like 12 hours.  However within 10-15 minutes George shows up followed shortly after by Andy. Lists are turned in, we are given our tickets and get funneled down into the campground the back way.  We finally get our spot to learn that electricity is not on, when in previous years it had always been. We get setup as best we can, meet up with old homies, meet our new neighbors and make some new friends.


Wednesday – Gathering of the Juggalos – First official day.

Now – If I come off a little sour about the electricity – it has more to do with you guys then me. It is hard to keep equipment charged up and update the website, facebook and the masses with no electricity.  I have no problem sleeping in the dirt, and roughing it.  Did it for years before I was part of TJF, and did it again this year a few nights.  We had brought a generator to keep our food cold while we were in the line, but had not brought enough gas to get us through the week.  So I tracked Tim down (with hogrock), and asked him about the electrical in our area as it not being there is a huge change for us and a very unexpected change as it had always been there.  Was explained that due to safety concerns it was not allowed and out of his control. The only guaranteed electrical at the GoTJ would be Big Balla Sites and he thought that next year we should plan on trying to get them from psychopathic.

Here is were things might sound like I am complaining.  The price point of the gathering this year kept with last years pricing which was a increase from previous years.  However, every year there seems to be more and more stuff to do, bigger acts to see, etc.  So I was expecting at the very least, a similar Gathering to the previous year, if not better.  After a short walk around the place it was a little disappointing to not see things like the Helicopter Rides, The sign the wall banners from last year, the embroidery stand, the face painting, and other vendors in the merch area that last year brought.  Even though you had to pay a bit for these things, the option was still there.

Also noticed a decrease of Love Trains running rides from previous years, a hogrock staffer said they were told Festi-Cab’s were free this year to compensate – however Festi-Cabs were in fact charging.   What was improved was the “Peep This” stages, were anyone could sign up to perform, especially the one near Spazmatic – guaranteeing you a audience no matter what time slot you got put into.  Also the Freakshow Stage was a actual stage this year, and not a tent, with a barricade which allowed for press pictures to be taken without fighting for position.  It just seemed like there was less going on this year, also the attendance seemed to be less, this year, it seems to be a little less every year since the 10th annual – which still ranks as one of my favorites ever.  But that’s just my observation.

Since we did not get to trade our tickets in the night before we headed down to the front entrance to get our swag bags, where it was just utter chaos.  For as much security as they put into not letting anyone in early, with the excuse of stopping people from sneaking in, or the ticket fraud from previous years.  We walked up from inside the campground, and were just handed bags without really bothering to check anything or pay us any attention.  It seemed odd how tight the security was outside, but once inside the hired security staff really was just handing out bags and trying to move people inside.  Also below you will see some pics of stuff we just found in the dirt during the gathering, and turned in. (sheet of what the access passes look like, and a staff radio).

Here we ran into Dirty Dan, who told me he was running the Contests this year and they would be done right, with judges and not solely based off of crowd participation.  If you have read my previous years reviews, you will see this is one thing I was vocal about, which in turn I imagine made our readers vocal about, so it was addressed.  I’m not taking credit for this change, however I’d like to think TJF’s readers played a part in it.  I’ll jump into the contests here since its on topic.  Most contests are female based contests and a lot of the complaints in previous years, is the girls willing to do the nastiest stuff wins because of the crowd participation.  I think having judges curbed this a little bit, however not much change in the outcome.  The problem I still have is with the Tattoo Contest.

Tattoo Contest – changed to 3 judges this year, contestants were pulled from the crowd, and some good tattoos were picked.  10 were picked originally, then a few more were added.  Now some of the tattoos picked from the crowd were just plain crap.  Dirty Dan picked them all I believe except for 1 which was picked by Sugar Slam and the additional people added later were picked by a unseen source.  I am not sure how they got picked (Rayne from the lingerie contest was added late).  The one Sugar Slam picked out of the crowd was easily the worst one up there.  I was skipped over after being looked at multiple times, which is fine – it is clear in this format the huge massive back pieces or a ton of tattoos is always going to win.  The judges narrowed it down to 3 people not using much crowd participation at all which is good.  However, awarded the prize incorrectly I believe. I think the 2nd place tattoo was not picked to win simply because she was a topless female. Now this is a odd thing because 3rd place last year was a topless female that did not deserve to even be on the stage.    Best tattoo did not win.    What I suggest for next year, is slot more time for the contest, have a couple of categories.   (Best Back Piece, Best Jokers Card, Best Hatchetman, etc) Get judges that are relevant.  No offense to Sugar Slam – I just dont see ink as something she should be judging is all.  I will offer to help organize or brain storm at any point.   We need a proper tattoo contest at the gathering!  If you agree – voice your opinion via the gathering media sites before next year :)

Ok Rant off!


Mainstage: Kool Kieth, Static X, Onyx, George Clinton, Dark Lotus

Here is a brief recap of what you missed, if you where not there or did not get the PPV.

The crowd took awhile to fill in for the main stage acts. However in this Metal Gathering of the Juggalos – it was not long for the Pit to get going hard after Static X hit the stage!  The energy must of been so high from Static X’s set that while Onyx was on stage, he climbed the rafters and was spitting his verses from half way up the rigging!    George Clinton was a huge change of pace – I was glad to see him last year as its a act I would not of seen any where else, however throwing him up after these two high energy hard hitting acts just seemed out of place.

Dark Lotus closed out main stage with a Dark Lotus backdrop and a little ramp – they hit all the fan favorites, and since it was still early in the gathering, they all sounded good.  I’ve seen them perform a bunch of times, and hoping fore new content in the near future.

Comedy Tent: Ralphie May – was funny – showed some love to the juggalos, did his bit which was a little Blow Job heavy. But shocked me when he put on 2 different T-shirts he was given over his existing and kept em on.  I would of been sweating nuts, and I’m not quite a fat kid yet!

Freakshow: Hed PE – sorry this is the only show I caught this night at the Freakshow stage, due to other things going on. It was pure electric. The new freakshow tent – allowed me to get some good pics, then to bounce out and hit the crowd.  I have seen Hed perform many times, but its not a show I would ever miss.  Jared knows how to just flip the switch and dump pure energy into the crowd, then switch it up to a nice meaningful message or track.

One thing I did notice next to the Freakshow stage during Hed’s set was a guy testing peoples drugs (This is something I used to see way back once upon a time in clubs and what not).  Talking to him, it sounded like something around 18% of the stuff being sold off as rolls or molly had mdma in it, and the rest did not from his pool of what he was testing.  Kids – I understand your there to have a good time, but bring your own shit from trusted sources if your going to partake in the drugs.  18%??  I wonder what most of you were actually taking…

Underground Stage: It was at this point were the decisions got hard. With Clay’s Jump off, Slaine, Swollen Members, Freddy Grimes, Mastamind, and Rydas all coming up shortly and my need to return to the camper to grab something to eat and drink, I choose to just stick with 2nd stage for the remainder of the night.  From our camping spot you can see and hear 2nd stage with no problems. All while sitting down and chilling with my Iowa crew, as well as any camping neighbors.   Sounded Good, looked good, and I passed out for the first decent sleep since Saturday night in my own bed.



It is always my intention to bring you guys good high quality video of the seminars, as they are the most requested things we do.  I was able to bring what looks to be the most watched ICP and Twiztid ones.  However I am not sure what happened Thursday as I just plain missed out on Blaze and ABK.  Our homies at FLH uploaded audio from the gathering though, and have videos up now.

I was able to catch a little bit of the sideshow and a little bit of the magician – both of which are must sees at the gathering, its little things like this, you will not see on tour coming through your towns, so catch them here with a crowd of  juggalo family ninjas!  Most of my pre-main stage time was spent at the Rap Battle which was new this year and had a pretty hefty prize for the final winner.  I had a couple local artists friends entered and wanted to try and scope out how this thing was gonna go down in hopes it wasn’t like the contests.  It was ran pretty good and for the most part the winners were very clear to the audience and the judges.  A chick that did spit great won over a guy I think was better then 50% of the guys who won before him, I would of moved him on to the finals if I had been a judge. The only 2nd stage act that stuck out to me from the early sets was Kayla K I believe, and it did not stick out in a good way… How after 3 minutes she was allowed to continue I will never know…

Mainstage: Danny Brown, Fear Factory, The Game, DMX, and ABK.

Danny Brown was not someone I was familiar with before announced he would be at the gathering, it seemed like neither was the crowd, there was no energy – the biggest cheers came from when one of his guys on stage drank from a bottle of Moon Mist that was thrown on stage.  He has a unique look and unique sound – however being first on Main stage before people start to crowd down there really hurt his performance I think.   Fear Factory on the other hand, is another metal band that performed this year.  Quickly heads started moving, hands went in the air, and as the sun went down, the crowd started getting into main stage!!

There are no shows every year – however The Game, and DMX which had back to back slots on the Main stage, and both very anticipated gathering performers not showing was a huge let down. In previous years the crowd has kind of been left in suspense when someone no shows with no information given and just standing around getting pissed  (2nd stage a few years back if anyone remembers the lil kim/tila time slots).  However this year they were on top of it, came out, let us know what was up and introduced SOULFLY!!   Soulfly being moved to main stage, where they should of been all along was a great move on Psychopathic’s part.

With the exception of Mushroomhead, I have never seen a metal band rock the gathering with that much drive.  Recent member changes had me wondering what we would see from soulfly, however they annihilated the stage, the crowd, and all of Hogrock.  If people where not at main stage they quickly found their way there to see what was going on because it was certainly not The Game!.  The Mosh pit was beyond description.  This is a band that should be invited back next year if not each year they are still active!

ABK wrapped up the main stage, with a odd looking set and an Alien walking around behind him for a few songs.  The music was spot on, the sound was good, ABK killed it as usual.  As much as I have seen ABK perform over the last few years, he always keeps my attention.

After Main stage it was another night of hard choices, the only clear one being Mushroomhead.  I can not even explain to you how good of a live show they put on.  I have to explain them like I do ICP to non familiar people.  If you have never heard of ICP or Mushroomhead, and you do a little research online, you might not like the music you hear, you might not like what people say, but until you have seen the live show.  You are in the dark my friend.  “Witness the light that this magical candle will shed upon your life”.   They as usual covered some Pink Floyd – however making it better, makes it ok with me.

Cheech and Chong – I dont know how the clowns got them here, but it ended up being one of the best things they brought in. The new and improved Seminar/Comedy tent was packed. Someone passed Chong a huge ass joint as well as a 6 foot bong. He took a nice big puff off both. They even broke out the guitar and hit us with not only skits and their comedy, but at one point even rocked a TuTu, Mickey Mouse Ears, and what looked like a Diaper??

Was able to sit back at the camp site and listen to Potluck who I seen multiple times in recent months as I dozed off in the dirt outside the RV.

Friday –
Early 2nd stage act: Dark Half filled the stage and had a crowd that you do not usually see at this time slot, specially with the ICP seminar about to kick off.

Had to get over to the ICP seminar to land a spot, to shoot some video for you all, however quickly seen we could get a decent vantage with the press pass in the super skinny area between the barricade and the stage. They did not run all that late as they have in previous years, was able to kick it with the FLH crew while we waited.  Now I could type out a huge list of what dropped during the seminar, but most of you already know.  What I will do is let you see it from where FLH and TJF where standing if you want to, or finish reading this beast of a review and come back to it.

Heard Insane E – you may know him from his Juggalo Coloring books every year. He sounded good from the camp site as I got ready to head down to main stage for the night. Eric’s coloring books are a must buy every year, and honestly – tattoo worthy material if your looking for unique ideas. However now you need to check out his sound!

Mainstage Schedule: Mack 10, Master P, Kottonmouth Kings, Three 6 Mafia, and Twiztid.
With some lack of communication of what was going it, it seemed like Mack 10 no showed as they announced Big B first and he came out and schooled it. Great save by Big B on what was looking to be another night of no shows.  Once Big B was done it was obvious they were setting up the KMK set, which led everyone to believe not only was it a Mack 10 no show, but a Master P no show… Things were looking pretty stale, 2 big no shows 2 nights in a row… wtf right?

KMK hit the stage and put on the live show you expect them to at the GoTJ!  Full of energy – they were all over the stage and the crowd was feeling it. They played some new stuff from Mile High and it was fresh!  Anytime a performer drops his pants – it had to be a good show right?  Last year if I remember right, or the year before they had a big live set with screens and epic lights.  Bit more laid back and I’m sure less costly this time a round. Of course they rocked out all their hot tracks to a massive crowd of juggalos that followed along.


After the KMK set it was hard to tell who they were setting up for, the crowd was expecting Three 6 Mafia but were graced with Mack 10, guess he showed up after all. After Mack 10 left after what might be just for me a lackluster set. Then it was time for Three 6 Mafia, and although far from their best, they put on a good show, hitting all the songs we all know and used to bump in our rides.  So after this set, I was fully expecting them to intro Twiztid, everyone was anticipating it I think, however a whole crew of No-Limit hit the stage and started throwing out a massive amount of shirts, and some wad’s of dollar bills, during this mess, Master P hit the stage with “Make em say Ugggh”.  I don’t even know what to say, I was looking forward to Master P this year, him and DMX were probably who I wanted to catch the most for shows I wouldn’t regularly get to see.   I had quite a bit of the No-Limit music back in the day.

I am not sure if this was all a way to promote whatever the other rapper he had up on stage was, but it was not good. I was hoping to hear some of his good tracks from back in the day. Not the played out crap as a first and last song with a ton of stuff I was not familiar with in between while his other rappers shouted out about themselves – in a attempt to promote white trash maybe, but it came off as calling the crowd white trash it seemed to me.  Like I said, I don’t know… A huge let down.

You cant buy Juggalo Support with a hand full of dollars and 60 or so crappy T’shirts to split between the thousands waiting for Twiztid to take the stage.  “I Aint Feelin That” So lets just forget all that even happened.

TWIZTID! – The Abominationz Jerseys and Shirts – Really wish these were for sale during that 44% off sale, loved it, check out all the pictures I got of Jamie and Paul during their set and the Seminar down below in the huge photo gallery.   Another year where they played their whole set – and they finally addressed why they played the full album that previous year during their seminar.   Now having seen them a bunch of times, it was nice to see a different set list.  Although them not playing “We Don’t Die” to me would be like ICP not playing Chicken Huntin to most of you.  However, it’s all good.   Main stage ended with the guys just kinda talking to the crowd.  It was a great main stage ending, and kept a lot of people there rather then rushing off to catch the other stages as they ran late.

I was pretty wore out at this point, and looking at the schedule, was tempted to hit Bobcat at the comedy tent but choose the 2nd stage acts instead.  With my goal of hitting Zug Island later.  F Dux, Twiztid Insane, and Prozak all killed 2nd stage – and from our readers responses are easily the favorites of 2nd stage behind Deadly Medly and Rydas of course.  F Dux walked on stage and Juggalos just started filling in around the stage, Rocked some tracks, and tossed in a cover of Snoop’s Gin & Juice. I am not a fan of doing covers at the gathering, as Id prefer to hear your music, but the crowd dug it.  Plus there was a Midget on stage with a Axe that was as big as him (Epic).  Then, Twizted Insane came out and did his verse from Worldwide Choppers and it ignited the whole area on FIRE!  2nd stage crowd does not usually get this live, but they were into it!   Next up for me was Prozak who has become one of my favorite artists over the course of the last year.  He capped out the night for me, as that thought of catching Zug Island was forgotten about while having some fun elsewhere – I think I passed out next to the river. There may have been a hippopotamus… who knows.


Saturday –

Tattoo Contest started off the day, and as you probably read about it above, if your still somehow reading this, I wont go into it much, other then I still think this is one area the gathering has tons of room for improvement.  Here is video from the contest.  I started filming late as I was trying to get pulled into the contest with my epic tattoo.  No Joy though.

Now Since the Tattoo contest was right before the Twiztid Seminar – I needed to get there with some speed.  Luckily Maddog was headed there in his pimped out Golf Cart and let me jump on!

Time for the Twiztid Seminar! It was more comedy then informative. however they brought BACON!  You can skip the seminar video and come back to it later as its quite long.

After the Twiztid seminar, I am not sure what kinda mischief I was getting into as I did not catch anything till Main Stage.  2nd Stage acts, I apologize, I meant to go see Scum as they always put on a good show.  Mainstage however, had:  Cold187, P.O.D., Blaze, Tech N9ne, Geto Boys, and I.C.P!!    Yes, ICP on saturday night!

I was up for the first three songs of Cold187 to snap pictures you can see below, but I have never been a fan, then I am not a huge fan of covering songs like Assassins… It was good as a original.  I understand signing one of your idol’s  but losing Boondox was huge, and I feel the label needs to get some young, fresh blood in the door.  Ok, off topic, back to it!

P.O.D. is a weird mix for main stage this night, should of maybe switched with George Clinton. The crowd dug it. I liked all the rock this year, and P.O.D. was no exception. They rocked out their good tracks. and the Juggalos were more then into it. Seen many singing right along!

Then it was time for Blaze. The Nature Boy came out and gave his only good introduction since he bailed during the next one…  Blaze had a new set, which was very “Funereal Home” style, he was dead, with pictures and flowers, and then he pops up and says. “Not Again”.

It wasn’t long before the Suit Jacket came off, ROC Joined him and he got the crowd moving!

Something many people missed was Nature Boy stopped hosting after he attempted to introduce Tech N9ne, after Blaze got the place bouncing.

Nature Boy takes a water bottle to the melon and bails never to be seen again.  Now I took 2 full beer cans to my melon this year, one being right at the top of my ear (That shit stung for days) and I will say it sucks. However it did not make me go running home.  I don’t even take a beating for a living like he did.  A plastic water bottle is far from a folding chair.

So, now it was time for one of the all time Gathering Greats!   TECH M’Fn N9NE!!   Thank the Jokers Cards, they got him back this year, with the no shows, and the flop of a show that Master P put on, it was as always one of the best acts of the gathering, and without it, the whole feel of many of the reviews and experiences would not be the same.

He rocked out new stuff, old stuff, was joined by Krizz Kaliko as well as the 816 Boys and that got the girls up on shoulders with TITTIES a flyin!   The only thing I was hoping for, was since Three 6 Mafia was on the grounds, is that they would join him for Demons.  That would of probably been a major highlight for the entire gathering, and something I think we would all like to see.

Next up was Geto Boys – This was probably one of the groups a lot of people were excited for, but one that just wasn’t my flavor of Faygo.  But it was cool to see them go all out and dress the part. It’s also a show I was glad I got to see.  I think in some video of the PPV i have seen – it looks like I was in the media area Jamming out actually, so even though not something I typically listen to. I had a damn good time.

They even took the stage to a ICP beat.  The DJ or sound production team – messed up during their set more then I noticed during any other set on main stage.  It was a good set and the crowd got into it.  “Main stream, eat a dick”   was a common chant.

It’s the Gathering Of The Juggalos, and ICP has released a new Jokers Card – its time to GO BIG right?  ALL NEW SET. A Lighted MDP face dead center.  Violent J and Shaggy in cages at the start.   Now if you have seen ICP perform in the last couple of years, the set list is predictable.  It was nice to see them mix in the brand new stuff people had just started hearing into the mix.  When Im Clowning made it into the mix with its clowny samples laced into the track.  Violent J dancing like he was a kid having a blast was amazing to see.

I took pictures during the first 3 songs, chilled in the media area with Nik of MonkeysOnCrack fame and Scottie D. of Faygoluvers Heaven Fame.   It was a great time, and I got some epic pictures. (That camera was later lost by one of my Iowa Juggalo Homies…)   Purple Kodak Easyshare – if any of you picked it up – I’d love it if you emailed me the pics off it (anonymously if you want  hazin@truejuggalofamily.com)  I will say this – up in the media area, during this set it is very easy to see who is a fan and who is just working.  The look in some of the fellow pressers eyes says everything.  Seeing Scottie D. up there with a Point and Shoot camera – no plastic poncho, ready to snap some pics and get wet with the look of a 8 year old boy on Christmas morning. Very much like myself I am sure. This was a  show all in itself. Now after the first 3 songs, a lot of the wrestlers, press, bands, artists started gathering in the area where they pull people in for Faygo Armageddon.

I had been led to believe press was a go for this, however was told about this point 2 different things from 2 different Security staffers.  The first being that passes did not matter at all.  The 2nd being that wrestlers only were going.   When the time came for them to pull people in.  KG pulled in the wrestlers and Scottie D.  So myself and the others started to head back towards the stage, however Andy came down and pulled a hand full of press people – but turned TJF away and continued to pull people in.  I had not talked to Andy much as our paths did not cross and she is a super busy person that week.  So not sure what the deal was other then one brief comment which was bogus. Have not heard back about it or any other correspondence relating to the gathering since then.

This type of thing instantly puts a damper on whats going on, around you.  I had enough time to watch Faygo Armageddon from a decent spot – was a bit late to jam up in there, and I snapped off a few more pictures with the Kodak.   Afterwards it was time to hit the camper and get ready to hit up one of my most anticipated shows of the gathering.  Twiztid’s Dirty Dirty Party.

Before heading down to Twiztid’s Party – Claas was on 2nd stage and you just cant skip that.  Bukshot jumped up with him to do a track from the Underground Avengers EP.   Which blows away all the other music I was given for free at the gathering this year.  You need to get it now, while you can!   click here to get it!   I split so I could get down to the Bombhouse – with everything running late, was afraid I would miss some of the sets I wanted to see.

Now I was exhausted and tired at this point, but the lineup at the Bombhouse was nothing short of amazing.  Jellyroll, Haystak, Lil Wyte, Rittz, and Project Pat.   Well worth missing Mayday and Wolfpac who I have seen before.  Jellyroll got the crowd in the mood for the late night, and it was a non-stop party.  Girls on stage for the whole party – artists joining each other for collabs.  I was on stage from the start till asked to leave during Project Pat’s set – not sure what the deal was but left like a good boy and wasn’t interested in bothering Andy or anyone else present as they were there to have a good time, which I gotta say – seeing the people responsible for the gathering, enjoy themselves even if just briefly – is a high light.  It’s gotta be pretty stress full and taxing to pull this shit off every year.

From Jellyroll’s start till they were all done the Bombhouse was not only packed but it was rows deep outside the tent.  Clearly we need a bigger tent if this lineup can be brought back next year – or put on 2nd stage.    Twiztid was constantly on the stage, and even ripped into a naked lette to get off the stage at one point.   Bushwick Bill got up on stage during Haystak’s set.  Artists spittin from down in the crowd!  The energy just never dropped.    During Lil Wyte’s set list – the crowd spit most of the track Oxycotton for him… with little guidance.

Rittz – went off like a hand grenade.  His lyricism is matched by his flow and energy unlike any one else coming up right now!   Slowed it down for “Sleep at Night” then Destroyed it with “High Five”  Easily one of the top performances this year.  Was able to tell him as much before Twiztid got his ear after his set.  (Edit: Strange Music just signed Rittz – shame psychopathic couldn’t sweep him up)


Project Pat – hit the stage and they wrapped up the show.  Put it down with a heavy beat and smooth style.  A good finish for the top party at the GoTJ!


What a crazy night – and it was obvious on the way back to the camper that some people had already packed up and split.  The gathering seemed a lot less crowded this year, and Sunday seemed less crowded then I can remember it ever being before.  My plan for Sunday was to attempt to catch up on any sleep so If we split after Deadly Medly. I would be fresh for the drive home (I am the only driver in the RV crew).  Our other vehicle split Sunday afternoon due to a court date Monday morning.  Scottie and PsychoScott split as well.   I walked around Sunday and just kinda checked everything out in the aftermath – The garbage did not seem as bad as previous years at this point.  Hatchet Trivia, seemed slow and uninteresting.  The Beach Bash has always been something I want to check out – but it always makes me hungry and I always end up with like a empty hotdog bun, ninjas be snaggin all the free food up quick! So after checking it out for a minute I want to the camper and made up what we had left of some of the food, since my walk past Burrito Man’s Setup found him to not be open at the moment – glad I had found him earlier in the gathering – its just not the gathering without 1 burrito from these guys… SEEK HIM OUT!

Sunday 2nd Stage act that stuck out: Molly Gruesome had some of the hardest hitting stuff on 2nd stage the whole gathering, even the sound quality just seemed spot on.

Bloodymania 6:

This was a hugely hyped event that is prime time of the last day of the Gathering of the Juggalo!  Now I am not a fan of wrestling, have not been since I was much younger, but after Hallowicked last year and having it be the only entertainment at the start of the After Party – how can you not check it out when its what is going on?   Come on, its entertainment! So here we are again – the only thing going on.

DJ Clay, Kevin Gill, Shaggy 2 Dope all take the stage at the start.   I will say this, I am not a commentator – I also am not a follower of any wrestling, so if you do not like my little recap – maybe you should of forked out the money for the PPV.  I will say this – I was surprised how quick some wrestling can grab every ones attention and hold on to it.

Match 1: 4 Way tag team elimination match – (Head Bangers) – (Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo) – (Rock and Roll Express) – (Ring Rydas)

This match started out slow, but some things that stuck out to me was the use of the lighting conduit rig to jump onto a unsuspecting ryda who was down and hurt already when it came down to the Head Bangers vs Ring Rydas. This really amped up the atmosphere and left you wanting some more high flying action. In the end the Ring Rydas kept the Tag Team Belts though.

Match 2: Colt Cabana vs Vampiro.  Somone was in my ear this whole match talking about the site, etc.  (Apparently I should make a ton of money off it – honestly TJF is the most expensive hobby I have ever had. But I enjoy the fuck out of it!).    Vampiro of course won – with the help of Evil Dead and a DDT at the end of the match.

Violent J came out at this point and got in the ring.  He announced: “Corp Robinson is no longer affiliated in any shape or form with psychopathic records”.  He then went on to say he wanted to still have him there and still have the match – but they just could not do it.  He no longer has ties to JCW, The Gathering, or the Label. That there is no way to have the match play out.

Match 3: A Battle Royale with:  Zach Gowen ,Bobby Lashley, Carlito, Chris Masters, Rude Boy, Shockwave, The Weedman, U-Gene, X-Pac

This match went pretty quick with some slow action.  Shockwave went out very fast, then they added Rudeboy to the match. U-Gene and X-Pac got tossed out. Then it quickly gets down to Bobby Lashley and Zach Gowen (who had been out of the ring for a long time….) – Somehow Zach Gowen held on with some amazing use of the ropes to wrap this one up. (Sorry my commentary is short, you should of bought the PPV – like I said I am not a huge fan of wrestling)

Match 4: Triple Threat Match with: John Morrison vs.Breyer Wellington vs. Matt Hardy

Bryer Wellington pinned by John Morrison.  John Morrison had some killer fresh moves – for some reason he sticks out in my head the most right now from all the wrestling stuff I seen.

Match 5 – Scott Steiner & Vader vs. Roderick Street & Shawn Summers

The crowd was into this one much more then the earlier matches and Vader got the Pin after destroying Street and Summers.  The amount of excitement coming from the crowd was so intense at this point, I am not sure since I don’t follow this stuff – but let me tell you.  The Gathering Crowd was excited.

Finally it has all come down to the final match!

Match 6 – 2 Tuff Tony (c) vs. Kongo Kong

Kongo Kong is put down – after a mix of tables and chairs.  2 Tuff Tony is the JCW Champion!


Now if that was not enough – there was the Deadly Medley still to come.  Most people who left Sunday morning or Saturday night – this is the one thing they were upset that they were gonna miss. Lot of people asked me to let them know all about it.

Before I get to that, obviously the gathering is too big, and there is too much going on for one Juggalo to see it all.  I missed a few shows I wished I had not, but missed all kinds of things that happened just because I was not in the right area.  The whole thief getting his car dismantled thing… missed it, the infamous incidents at the Drug Bridge, or on the fence next to main stage… Missed them.. Didn’t know about it till way later.  There are probably kick ass things that went down I will never even hear about.  So I encourage you to attend next year – as reading reviews, watching some youtube, and scanning through some pics do not even begin to cover the pure excitement that it is to be there.

Deadly Medley – was a 2nd stage event, that had all of psychopathic basically switching up and doing some of their most popular tracks. I was not allowed back behind the barricade with other press… stale. However got some decent pictures even though the angle is rough as hell to take pictures from in the front.

Large amount of play time for Jumpsteady!  Was good to see him hit the stage and rip some out.   The most comical part was Paul and Jamie (Twiztid) taking turns cleaning up the stage during other acts songs.  ABK, Blaze, Twiztid, Jumpsteady, Cold187, and ICP all did multiple tracks in this round robin style event.   It was a good way to end the gathering, in a more up close look that you dont get at main stage  when they perform.

Cold187 took a can of something to the head during his second song – really the only major issue with throwing stuff at the event besides plastics.  But he kept on spitting.

You could tell some of their voices were shot at this point, but they wrapped it up with everyone on stage chanting.  “We will never die alone, Juggalos will carry on, swing our hatchets if we must, each and every one of us” for about 5 minutes before vanishing into the night as Violent J said: they did the best they could and “I love my family”.

Enjoyed the whole set while chilling front and center with Moonshine of Southern Psychopaths Hatchets fame.

My plan at this point was to take off – we usually stay and help the clean up crew a bit – however I had a great nap that day, and wanted to get some hours behind the wheel while I was still awake.  Of course that was just the plan. One of my crew did not show up after deadly medley – while everyone else napped, I waited patiently till the sun started to come up – then started searching for her.  Ran into Violent J and Legs Diamond up by Spazmatic.  Joe said he had a great time, asked if I did.  I replied its always a great time and I hoped I was invited back next year to get a reply from him of “I hope I am to”.   lol, classic.

Our passed out homie woke up and returned to us as we finished getting all packed up and ready to go around 8am.  The trip home was uneventful and I drove straight through. – one cell phone and one camera were lost on the gathering grounds this year.

Another great year goes down in history – thank you Psychopathic and Hogrock!  See you next year?   -Hazin

(If you read the whole thing and didn’t just skip down here to the pictures, thanks – hope you enjoyed it.  Honestly I had a blast.  Special thanks goes out to Jerry Taylor, and Scottie D.  whole reason I started snapping pics or writing about the on goings of stuff – is your guys dedication and hard work on your sites.  More so Jerry of course for snatching this scrub up and then giving me the keys to the beast that is TJF and really just letting me run with it.  MCL).



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