Gathering website LIVE!! Tickets now on sale!!

“The time has come once again to live, laugh, and dance at the greatest family reunion on earth! It is a fellowship of love and friendship that remains the biggest annual celebration of the Juggalo World. A place where we can escape into a wondrous realm of sight and sound, where we meet with our brothers and sisters to share in moments that become memories that last a lifetime. It is a place where we can rejoice with no judgment, no oppression from the outside world, and where we can celebrate who we are. For we are the poet, the rapper, the lawyer, the hustla, the artist, the mother, the marcher, the joker, the Juggalo, and so much more. It is a place where the worries of life melt away as we let go and become free as a child to play as only we know how, all the while remaining free of corporate sponsorship, free of restrictions, free of worries.… Here you will find a place for us to gather as we have for the past 19 years as a Family. Welcome once more as you step through to the other side…to find your way home.”

Juggalos!! Are you guys ready to gather?! is officially LIVE! You can head over there and get all your passes right now!

As you all know by now, we will be returning to none ither than LEGEND VALLEY in Thornville, Ohio, and everything will be kicking off on July 18! And holy SHIT it’s a doozy! WE GOT A FUCKING HELL’S PIT SHOW FOR THAT ASS!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s available:

One GOTJ Ticket: $190
One GOTJ Car Pass: $100
One GOTJ RV Pass: $160
One Big Balla’s Pass: $450
One Psychopathic QllStar Experience: $150

As per usual, the ticket will grant you entry for all 4 days of the most wicked music festival all summer! With a car pass, you will be able to bring in ONE normal automobile. The RV pass will grant you the ability to bring in ONE RV or ONE normal size trailer attached to a vehicle. And, as always, the Big Balla’s pass will grant you and up to 5 other juggalos early entry to a 20’x50′ campsite complete with  20/30amp power hookups so you can plug in your RV, keep your beers and Faygos cooled off in your mini fridge, or whatever you want to do with UNLIMITED POWER!

Don’t forget to check in right here or at the JuggaloNews Facebook page where we will be keeping you posted on all Gathering updates, including, of course, all lineup announcements!

See you at Whoopstock, juggalos!



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