Competitions update added to the Gathering website!

Over at the list of competitions you can take part in at the 2018 Gathering of the Juggalos has been added!

Here’s a quick rundown:

Beat the DJ: a Name-that-tune style gameshow in which competitors try to be the first to chime in and correctly name the underground track playing. Win a GOTJ Zippo and a chance to go to a bonus round for a $50 gift certificate!


Costume contest: Self-explanatory! Prizes include- First Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque and $100 gift certificate; Second Place—$100 gift certificate; and Third Place—$50 gift certificate. Shout out to JuggaloNews’ own Lady Marrs who won last year!

© #Hazin


Faygo Launching contest: a time honored tradition to see who can get the furthest distance launching a two liter bottle across the area! Furthest distance wins a  $100 gift certificate!

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Flow master rap battle: Ninja’s will freestyle to a provided beat for 60 seconds, judges will determine who moves on to the elimination style battle rounds until only one rapper is left standing! Prizes: First Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, and $300 in cash; Second Place—$100 gift certificate; and Third Place—$50 gift certificate. 


Into the echoside heads up tournament: take part in a tournament featuring Psychopathic’s deckbuilding game and it’s new expansion Oracle of the Three Rings! First Place Only—Into the Echoside Plaque and a set of 15 foil Epic cards. 


Lingerie contest: self explanatory, hosted by Nekolette. Prizes: First Place—$300 in cash; Second Place—$100 gift certificate; and Third Place—$50 gift certificate. 


Morton’s List & Juggalos Against Sanity tournaments: participate in one of two tournaments based on two more juggalo games! Morton’s List Prizes: Morton’s List Amulets will be awarded to each member of the Inner Circle deemed the worthiest. Juggalos Against Sanity Prizes: First Place Only–Juggalos Against Sanity Plaque & a set of 10 JAS promo cards.


Tattoo contest: A panel of judges will rate all tattoos presented based on size, originality, and quality to determine the top three winners! First Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque and $100 gift certificate; Second Place—$50 gift certificate; and Third Place—$20 gift certificate.

© #Hazin


Texas Holdem & Quest for Shangri-La Tournaments: compete in Holdem or the Quest! First Place—Juggalo Texas Hold’em Plaque & $100 gift certificate; Second Place—$50 gift certificate; Third Place—$20 gift certificate. Quest for Shangri-La Prizes: First Place Only–Quest for Shangri-La Plaque & a set of 10 holographic ending cards!


Miss Juggalette competition: no gathering would be complete without the classic tradition of crowning this year’s Miss Juggalette! Three round to determine the queen: Talent, personality, and swimsuit! First Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque and $200 gift certificate; Second Place—$200 gift certificate; and Third Place—$100 gift certificate.


Neden game: it’s the dating game, but for Juggalos! The winner of each game will get to go on a date (8pm–mid) with their newfound romantic interest while hanging out in the Big Top backstage area for ICP’s grand finale and Faygo Armageddon!!!

© #Hazin


Last but not least – the wet t-shirt contest: again, fairly Self-explanatory, get your white tee and your thong out and douse yourself in faygo! Free them nips!

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