Dirty announces details for the release of debut EP When Sinners Pray

Juggalos! I have some super fresh news for you! A very good friend of mine is releasing his debut EP entitled When Sinners Pray! Preorder is up now at Casket13.com, so head on over and scoop that up and it will be available for your earholes on Friday the 13th!

Another amazing part about this? The FIRST EVER collaboration between underground visual art legends 8Legz and Tom Wood, himself! Theres even artwork from Legion and McNastee!

These will also be available for purchase at Camp JNews at Whoopstock, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that Tom Wood will be autographing every copy brought to his Traveling Art Emporium!

You’re gonna want to check this out, and stay tuned for more, because I have it on good authority that he has SO MUCH MORE epic shit he’s working on!



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