Casket Factory Review by Shoeless

Like many of you, I realize that this review is a good bit after the CD has dropped. Unfortunately, I had to wait to get the CD but I have been steadily listening to Casket Factory ever since.


To put it in perspective of past Blaze albums, it feels a bit like he killed the old Blaze Ya Dead Homie that we all once knew. I feel like he was wrapping himself in silk like an X-Files character, for a metamorphosis to come in Gang Rags Reborn. Gang Rags Reborn was a good album in itself, but something apart from Casket Factory.


A few years pass and MNE has been mostly quiet about what is to come and for good reason. Blaze has emerged from the old self reinvented and with a new look, and sound. It is obvious that he had a polished look and feel, and while his sound is still recognizable as is his trademark of old school beats and dead man party, or morbid gangster themes, he seems to be in a zone.


I highly recommend this album as a fan of music, and as a juggalo for obvious reasons.

He, as well as MNE, has impressed me with the new style, and update to the homage of the original classic. Blaze simply won’t be denied, and with good reason.


Hope you enjoyed the review,




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