Breaking News- Venue Changes to ICPs UK Tour!

Hey ninjas, over at they have released some breaking news for all the juggalos that are attending the UK Invasion tour they are having, so here it is straight from ICPs website…

UK Juggalos and Juggalettes–After almost a year of planning, the powers that be have decided that our Family is not welcome in ANY Academy Music Group venues. The plug has been pulled LAST FUCKING MINUTE on our originally lined up venues. We’re honestly used to getting the door slammed in our face at this point…BUT WE SAY FUCK THAT, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!


Now that is just the beginning of it. To read the full article and see the information on how to exchange tickets and get your refund, click here. And here is the new flyer that they made as well.

So there you go ninjas, have no fear. The Wicked Clowns has got your backs! Hopefully you all ninjas have a great and safe time!



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